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Manufacturer: Chempowerlabs
Package: 20tabs, 1tab/20mg
Chempowerlabs Cia-Chem is a popular medicine that is also widely known under the generic name of Tadalafil. This medicine belongs to a wide class of drugs called muscle relaxants. This drug especially concentrates on the muscles in the patients penis.

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Product Description

Cialis Indications

Cialis is a medicine that is regularly prescribed to patients who are in need of an effective treatment of impotence and / or erectile dysfunction. This drug achieves its goal by relaxing the patient?s penile muscles, thus causing a higher amount of blood to flow into the penis. In this way, a treatment with Cialis is able to facilitate and maintain an erection. However, this medicine might also be used for other purposes that have not been listed here. Ask your personal physician for further information.

Cialis Warnings

Due to the effect of this medicine (Cialis), the erection can sometimes becomes incontrollable (in some cases it lasts for a couple of long hours). If you have had an erection that has lasted more than 4 hours, you should alert your personal physician as soon as possible, because such an erection could damage the penis.

If you are experiencing fainting, dizziness or chest pains you must not continue your regular sexual activity, as these symptoms are probably due to a dangerously low blood pressure (that could lead to stroke or to heart attack). Cialis should not be used by women, as it can do no good to a female patient.

Before you start to follow a treatment with Cialis, you should alert your personal doctor if you are suffering from any of the following medical disorders:

Have had a heart attack

Heart disorders such as heart malfunctions, angina, arrhythmias
Had a stroke
Have an abnormally high or low blood pressure that cannot be properly controlled
Blood clotting disorder
Kidney disorders
Liver problems
Cell problems (for example leukemia, sickle cell anemia)
Has retina pigmentation
Stomach ulcers
If you are suffering from any of the medical disorders that have been listed here, you might not be allowed to start using this product, or you might have to be prescribed (administered) a lower dose of Cialis. You healthcare provider might also want to closely monitor your treatment with this medicine to see if this drug is adversely affecting your disorder in any harmful way.

Elderly patients (who are over 65) are usually more prone to experiencing the medicine?s regular side effects. Grapefruit can sometimes be harmful if it is combined with Cialis. You should alert your personal physician before starting a treatment with this medicine if you are currently following a diet that contains grapefruit or any other grapefruit-based products (such as grapefruit juice, grapefruit cakes, etc). In some cases, the interaction between this product and grapefruit has had lethal effects.

Cialis Intake Guidelines

Ask your doctor how and when it is best for you to take Cialis (Tadalafil). You must not disobey any of his or her instructions. If you fail to understand some of them, you should ask a pharmacist, a doctor or a nurse for further information.

It is best that you accompany each dose of Cialis that you take with a full glass of water. You must not stop your treatment with this drug without your doctor?s consent, even if you start to feel better after only a few days of treatment. You should store this drug away from the children?s reach and away from heat and moisture.

Because Cialis is seen as an effective solution to impotence and other erectile dysfunctions, this medicine should be taken before starting a sexual activity. This medicine?s effects can sometimes last for 3 days (36 hours). This drug may be taken in either on a full or an empty stomach as it is not known to cause stomach upset.

You should avoid mixing Cialis with any alcohol based products, because this combination can sometimes lead to dizziness, headaches, low blood pressure and increase in heart rate. If you develop angina, dizziness or nausea while performing a sexual activity you must discontinue it at once. Stop using this medicine and alert your personal physician as soon as possible.

Cialis Dosage

Ask your personal doctor to tell you the dose of Cialis that suits you best. You must not change this dose in any way. You can also rely on the instructions that are written on the medicine?s label.

Cialis Overdose

If you suspect that you might be suffering from an overdose with this medicine, you should seek immediate medical care. Alert your personal physician as soon as possible. The average Cialis overdose symptoms have not been clearly determined.

Cialis Missed Dose

Because Cialis is regularly taken only when it is needed (before a sexual activity), a missed dose of this medicine is highly unlikely to occur.

Cialis Side Effects

Cialis can trigger some of the following side effects:


Irregular heart beating

Chest pains



Shortness of breath

Edema or the swelling of legs and ankle


Painful and prolonged erection

Runny nose


Flushing and redness

Back pains

Blue tint in vision

If you experience any of the symptoms listed here, or any other unusual or bothersome effects during your treatment with Tadalafil, you must alert your doctor immediately.

Cialis Drug Reactions

You must not combine Cialis with any of the following drugs:

Alpha blockers

Nitroglycerin drugs